The DASAC Annual Boxing Day Raft Event held on the River Derwent in Matlock, Derbyshire. It’s in aid of the Royal National Lifeboat Institute. Stating at Cawdor Quarry in Matlock finishing at Cromford Meadows.

It All Started In 1961

During the year of 1961 a group of divers looking for something to do in the winter months with a lack of winter diving decided to give a little back! The group decided to set up an annual event in Matlock, Derbyshire on Boxing Day now known as Matlock boxing day raft event. The first year was a huge success with over 100 rafts taking part, divers from all over Yorkshire and Derbyshire took part and made the event possible, 54 years later the event is still going strong and looking forward to the upcoming event.

Organized by the Derbyshire Association of Sub Aqua Clubs (DASAC) the event raises funds for the RNLI and over the past years has raised on average 2,900 pounds a year and approximately £154,000 or more over all 54 years the event has taken place! In order to support our life boats also helping to buy two lifeboats around the country, in 2015 we won a plaque from the RNLI in commemoration of our efforts. If collected funds are sufficient enough, money is also sent to the Hyperbaric chamber, which is another life saver should divers need their assistance!

The event is held every year on boxing day with rafts from all over the country turning up to take part and help raise funds as well as plenty of spectators looking for a fun day out and giving back to the RNLI that are always on hand should they be needed not only for water sport enthusiast but the wider communities that could get into distress in our vast oceans. Starting at 10:15am rafts enter the cold River Derwent starting at Matlock, Spectators line the streets to watch rafters hurry down the river, over the weir and finally finish at Cromford meadows. Prizes can also be won for example best looking raft!

The day is all about having fun, people from all over come to view or participate in this event. Raising funds for the charities often needed the most by divers should difficulties arise or accidents happen. The RNLI Is always there for you and try their best to help all at sea in all different weather conditions when needed, the RNLI could not continue to do this without the support of the public. All of the organizers of DASAC would like to thank everyone who helps the RNLI for their donations and hard work. Due to the event being so successful and over many years’ organizers for the event are slowly getting older as we all do! So DASAC are always looking for enthusiasts to help organize the event and keep it going for years to come so fun can continue to be had as well as raising much needed funds.

Please give a little back to those brave volunteers at our coastline.

Thank you all.