As the title suggests , visitors will be taken on an interactive journey celebrating an era when British entrepreneurs and engineers were at the forefront of a transport revolution. Along with Henry Ford in America , Herbert Austin and William Morris were the leaders who put the working population behind the wheel and gave us all the freedom of mobility which we now take for granted.

This is the story of a British industry which in its heyday was a worldwide force and its products could be found in all corner of the globe. Its heroes are the popular cars from a bygone era when for half a century, British cars did literally “rule the road”. Many of these cars are now incredibly rare and we have spent over two years searching for examples to display.

You are going on a journey which starts in the early 1920s when the working family could only dream of owning a car. The journey ends as we venture into the new millennium and most of Britain’s great car factories fall silent, overwhelmed by the same process of globalisation which swept away our once proud Ship Building and Aviation industries. We hope you enjoy the ride!

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